Businessman giving a presentation using a flip chartFlip Chart Ideas and Tips

Using Flip Charts is designed to help you get the most out of that ubiquitous meeting room item – the humble flip chart. Even though we live in a world of multimedia, PowerPoint and webinar meetings, the basic flipchart is so useful you cannot get rid of it…!

This site will provide you with help, support and ideas to get the most out of the office flip chart.

You will find ideas, tips, articles and reviews of books as well as videos which help improve your use of flip charts. In other words, a complete resource centre for anyone who uses flip charts.

Top 10 Flip Chart Tips

Here are the ten tips for using flip charts well:

  1. Try, if you can, to prepare your flip chart pages in advance. This means your audience does not have to wait while you try to draw things on the page.
  2. Leave one blank page, at least, between each prepared page. That way you can add extra details or jot down audience comments without having to flick through several pages to reach a blank sheet.
  3. If you need to draw diagrams or charts as you deliver your talk create light pencil outlines on the page in advance. The audience will not be able to see your pre-drawn illustrations – but you will and your finished drawing will look more professional as you can copy the marks.
  4. Make sure you have a conclusion page at the end of the flip chart. You can then turn to this at the end of your presentation and summarise what you have said.
  5. Your first page should either be blank or have a ‘title page’, such as the subject of your presentation. In this way, your first page of text will not distract your audience.
  6. On each page that you have written some key points leave plenty of space. This means you can add in comments from the audience (in a different colour) as you go through your talk.
  7. Use big letters (but not capitals) so that your audience can read your writing. Each character should be at least three inches tall.
  8. Reserve bright colours for charts and diagrams. Text should be in a dark colour, such as black or blue, so it can be easily seen.
  9. If you write on the flip chart as you go through your talk, stand to one side so people can see what you have written.
  10. After your presentation has finished go back through your flip chart pages and prepare some notes based on what was added during the talk. You can then give this information to the people who were present so they have a record of the event.

Flip Chart Paper, Pens and Supplies

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